About Get Known

It’s all about promotion. Many of you will have videos on the web that you probably can’t bear to watch, either being poor quality or just not representing what you can really do. Recordings that you have became fed up with by the time you’ve finished them. We can help.

We have been funded to help over 60 emerging artists from the Tendring area. To provide them with a video showcase filmed in a venue with full lighting and backdrop projection. £300 worth of costs at no charge to you.

Our package entitles the artist to a live one track audio/video recording using the latest equipment. The recording will then be broadcast via our Youtube Channel, our Social-Media network and this website, allowing the Artist to send their video to the surrounding venues to gain all important gigs.

The recordings will take place in one of our fantastic venues including Decoy Studios in Suffolk. We are always adding new Venues to film in to our roster.

For more details contact us via Facebook or Twitter

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